Non- abrasive and non-toxic natural washing chemicals Special 

ultra soft micro-fiber towels Cleaned with at least 3 fresh towels to avoid dust particles
No scratches on paint, leaving a deep shine with a protective layer
All products and machines are genuine and safe
Services provided by experienced professionals
No dried water drop marks, no streaks

Drive Clean. Drive Happy.

Thorough Cleaning for Interior and Exterior Surfaces

While the allure of a fresh car scent and appearance is universally cherished, its longevity is regrettably short-lived. Daily use inevitably results in wear and tear on the interior of your vehicle, often diminishing its aesthetic appeal and fragrance. Undertaking interior cleaning on your own can prove to be a time-consuming and seemingly endless task.


Maintaining the cleanliness of a car’s vinyl surface holds equal significance to cleaning its floor, as it significantly enhances the restoration process when detailing the vehicle’s interior.


Caring for your car through washing and waxing isn’t just a luxury in the UAE; it’s a necessity. The intense sunlight and extreme temperatures demand it, as direct exposure to sun, dust, and grime can significantly deteriorate your car’s paint. It’s crucial to bear in mind that the paint serves as a shield for the underlying metal, thus safeguarding the longevity of your vehicle’s bodywork. Regular polishing not only preserves the paint but also ensures the overall protection of your car.


Regardless of how pristine your car may appear on the surface, it could still harbor tiny dirt particles and unseen microbes. Without regular cleaning, these contaminants can prematurely age both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Over time, interior stains become more pronounced, darker, and resistant to removal. Therefore, it’s essential to schedule routine deep cleaning sessions for your car’s interior and exterior using steam vapor, ensuring thorough elimination of bacteria and odors.


How and Why ?

Our special washing chemicals are both non-abrasive and non-toxic, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning experience. We use ultra-soft microfiber towels, each cleaned with care to prevent dust particles. Our meticulous approach guarantees a scratch-free finish, leaving your vehicle with a deep shine and a protective layer intact. Rest assured, all our products and machines are authentic and safe. Your vehicle is in the hands of experienced professionals who deliver exceptional service. Say goodbye to dried water drop marks and streaks – we leave your vehicle spotless.